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Lady Forgets to Remove Contact Lenses for 5 Months, Now Half Blind



Lady Leaves Contact Lenses In For 5 Months, Turns Blind After Lens 'Merges' With Eyeball - World Of Buzz
Source: Youtube

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One does not simply go to bed with contact lenses still intact. That’s general knowledge, right? However, this young lady ignored the rule and paid a hefty price for it.

A young lady from Wuhan, China suffered permanent damage to her eye after she slept in with her contact lenses for five long months, according to Sinchew.

The 21-year-old lady known as Chen, went to an optometrist to make her a pair of contact lenses in March. After just one month, she got lazy of removing them every night, so she decided to leave them on while sleeping. What?!?!

After five months, she woke up one morning only to realise that her right eye had turned blind. Of course, Chen panicked and rushed to a hospital for help.

Upon examination, the doctor discovered a thin layer of ‘substance’ on the surface of Chen’s eyeball. The substance was later identified to be her contact lens. The worse part was that it had ‘merged’ with her eyeball, thus making her cornea reddish and swollen.

Besides, the doctor also noticed a ‘hole’ the size of a green bean on her pupil. When asked about whether she wore contact lenses before, she responded,

“That’s impossible! I didn’t wear any contact lens recently!”

However, the doctor carefully retrieved two lenses from her eyes, which rendered her speechless. After a hard long thought, she recalled that five months ago, she put on a pair of contact lenses, which had stayed put ever since.

As a result, her right eye became completely blind due to the ‘hole’ on her right cornea. The only way to restore her vision is through cornea transplant.

Source: Youtube

Luckily, her left eye remains unharmed after two weeks of anti-inflammation treatment. The doctor also suggested her to not wear any contact lenses for more than six hours a day and that they must be removed before going to bed. Yeah, don’t think she’ll go near contact lenses anymore. 

Taking your contact lenses off require no more than one minute, so don’t be lazy guys!


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