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Lady Shows Up at Hospital With Live Snake Around Wrist After Getting Bitten, Doctors Stunned



Lady Shows Up at Hospital With Live Snake Around Wrist After Getting Bitten, Doctors Stunned - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: China Daily

You may have heard of this advice before, where we should try to kill the snake that bit us and bring along the dead body to the hospital so that the doctors can easily identify the snake and get the suitable anti-venom for treatment. However, this badass woman decided to skip the first step and went to the hospital with a live snake. #thuglife

Source: China Daily

According to Sinchew and China Daily, the incident took place on 29 July in Zhejiang province, China. The woman, who is in her 20s was walking home one night when her phone fell into the bushes. As she was reaching out to pick it up, a snake hiding in the bush suddenly bit her right thumb.

It wasn’t a serious wound, but the lady reckoned that she needed medical attention just to be safe. So, she caught the snake with her bare hands and visited the emergency department with a snake wound around her left wrist.

Source: China Daily

Source: China Daily

Based on the CCTV footage, she raised her arm casually to show the snake to the medical personnel on duty and told them, “I’ve been bitten by the snake.” Like it was a normal, everyday thing to have a live snake wrapped around your wrist.

Doctors and nurses were stunned by the lady’s courage.

“Usually the victims would kill the snakes before bringing them in. The wound was small. Nobody dared to get close (to the lady),” one of the doctors said. 

To avoid spooking the other patients, she stuffed the snake’s head into a bottle so that it would not be able to bite any other people.

Source: China Daily

Luckily, the snake wasn’t venomous! After getting her wound cleaned up, the doctor gave her an injection and she was cleared to go home.

This lady has to be the calmest person we’ve ever seen, and we certainly haven’t seen anyone filling up a form while holding a snake in another hand so far!


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