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Lady Spotted Using Huge Water Bottle On Head to Protect Herself From Wuhan Virus at Airport



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Source: Twitter / Facebook / Facebook

By now, the whole world knows about the Wuhan virus outbreak in various countries.

They would’ve been told to be cautious when going out and to avoid places like public transport and airports. However, some of them have no choice but to travel by plane for work or for holidays planned beforehand.

In order to protect themselves from the deadly virus, some people have gone to great measures to ensure that they won’t get infected.

A lady was spotted at Vancouver International Airport with a normal face mask, just like everyone else, but she went above and beyond and made a make-shift full-face mask out of a huge plastic bottle!

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

She might’ve been prompted to do this after respiratory specialist from Peking University, Wang Guangfa, said that a person could be infected with the new coronavirus due to “lack of eye protection.”

Vancouver is Awesome, posted several photos of the woman, but it seems like she’s not the only one who came up with the idea.


Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Some people from other countries were seen using water bottles as face shields as well, while others took it a step further by covering the whole top half of their bodies with plastic bags. Might not be the safest option considering they could suffocate from that. 

Source: Facebook

Well, it’s not proven that using these innovative contraptions are guaranteed to protect you from the virus, but at least these people are doing all they can to remain virus-free.


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