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Large Group Of People Actually Think Corona Beer Has Something To Do With Wuhan Virus



Source: BusinessInsider & ForeignPolicy

In the past few weeks, the Wuhan coronavirus, or nCoV, has spread throughout the globe, causing worldwide panic and chaos over the thousands now infected and over 100 dead – though the infected so far have all been Chinese nationals.

And when humans panic about something, what do we do? We Google it.

In a search BoingBoing did regarding the coronavirus, they discovered that there is a large group of people out there that actually believes that the Wuhan virus has something to do with Corona Beer.

They have seen a spike in Google Trends on people searching ‘corona beer virus’, which also includes people searching the individual words, corona, beer and virus.

Source: BoingBoing

According to Vice, the searches were found to have happened mainly in South America, except Mexico where the beer is produced. Other countries include Finland, India, Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

Source: BoingBoing

The only thing that the beer brand and the virus has in common is the origin of their name which means crown in Latin.

Hence, don’t worry, having a cool Corona isn’t going to give you nCoV. 


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