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Latest ‘Sexy Chest’ One-piece Swimsuit Leaves the Whole Internet Speechless



This Hairy-Chest Swimsuit May Just Be the Next Best Rape Prevention Method - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Beloved Shirts

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Malaysia has got many beautiful beaches and resorts with pools that make the perfect backdrop for us to show off our bathing suits.

However, most swimsuits these days look pretty similar and there just aren’t any super unique pieces to strut in anymore.

That is… until Beloved Shirts decided to roll out these nightmarish one-piece swimsuits!

Oh God, why…

If #shockvalue is what you’re after, then this one-piece is just for you. Here’s why: when wearing this man-like masterpiece, you may seem naked from afar. #DareToBare 

But up close, you’ll look like the perfect source for horror-induced dreams. That amount of  body hair tho…

I mean, who would ever find these swimsuits attractive in the first place?! Needless to say, we are speechless.

Plus, they even come in three different skin tones (fair, tan and dark) to cater to a variety of skin colours! 

They may seem like a joke but the American company isn’t selling this at a low price. This cringe-worthy one-piece is actually pretty pricey and retails at USD59.95 (approx. RM255)!

Wah…. is it worth buying this horrendous design just to scare people off?

If freaking people out isn’t your thing then maybe you could make people laugh instead with their other epic swimwear designs, such as this cute mermaid-inspired version (minus the tail), strategically-placed pizza slices and a T-Rex set against a galaxy backdrop.

Aside from swimwear, the site also sells other super hilarious outfits and accessories like this adorable sweatshirt and pepperoni-printed sports bra.

Aren’t these pieces just weird and fun at the same time? If quirky prints and designs are your cup of tea, then check out more similar items by Beloved Shirts on their site.

I can already sense my bank balance dropping to zero very soon…

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