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Lawyer: Dutch Model Who Died in KL Residence was Made to Look Like a Suicide



They Made Her Death Look Like Suicide, Ivana’s Lawyer Exposes Culprit’s State Of Depravity And Inhumanity - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Daily Beast & The Straits Times

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On the 7th of December 2017, the body of Dutch model Ivana Smit was found dead and nude at CapSquare Residences off Jalan Dang Wangi.

Having died the ugliest of deaths when her body was discovered on the sixth floor balcony of an apartment block, two names were linked to the death of the Dutch-Indonesian.

Source: FMT

An alleged cover-up and involvement in a threesome

Following police investigations classifying the case as sudden death, the angered Smit’s family has called for inquest to be held, citing foul play and a cover-up. The case continues to unfold as Alexander Johnson and his wife Luna Almaz admitted to having a threesome with Ivana before she died.

According to FMT, the lawyer representing the family of Ivana Smit, SN Nair, accused the couple of making her death look like suicide.

SN Nair said that the action of the couple to make Ivana’s death to look like a suicide was because of their “state of panic”.

“Perhaps being unable to explain the presence of narcotics in her body or to avoid being unable to answer many questions, as well as not wanting the issue of threesome sex and the use of sex toys to come up.”

“The couple decided to make the death look like a suicide by physically carrying her to the balcony and throwing her body over.”


Immoral and inhumane

Source: Getty Images

SN Nair accused the couple of depravity and inhumanity stating that what they could have done was rush her to seek medical attention.

“The most decent thing they could have done was at least rush her to hospital or call for an ambulance to save her life, no matter the consequences.”

“They had the moral duty to do so, which it appears was not done.”

Both Alexander and Luna claimed to have occasional intercourse with Ivana in their 20th-floor condo unit, with Luna revealing that she had sex Ivana on the morning of her death.


Signs of struggle

Source: FPCL

During the inquest held this year, the Kuala Lumpur Coroner’s Court heard varying testimonies about how Smit died and whether she fell to her death.

A post-mortem by a Dutch pathologist found bruises on Smit’s upper arms, suggesting a struggle likely took place before she fell. However, two Malaysian pathologists disagreed, saying she fell from a height.

The inquest also heard of how sex toys were used, with Alex’s DNA sample’s being found underneath Smit’s fingernails, which Nair said “suggested the likelihood of some struggle” or “fighting” before she died.

Investigation also identifies traces of cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, polymethlymethacrylate (PMMA) onto which its combined effect could have knocked Ivana out cold.


Alex and Luna’s refusal to be subjected to scrutiny of the Court

SN Nair said the fact that Alex and Luna had refused to be subjected to the scrutiny of the court led to the inescapable conclusion that they were responsible for causing the death of Smit. Before leaving the country, the couple affirms to threesomes via interviews with the media.

Additionally, SN Nair cited a testimony from witness Nur Maisara Makha Abdullah, who was the couple’s maid, revealing Luna’s request to clean their unit on the night of Dec 7. SN Nair branded it as “wiping away evidence”.


Incompetent and shambolic

SN Nair also pointed out the mistakes made by final investigating officer (IO) Faizal Abdullah, stating the investigator as “incompetent” and that his investigations “are nothing but shambolic”.

He said the “proper” standard operating procedures for the police is to first classify a case “like this” as a possible homicide under Section 302 or 304 of the Penal Code and to open an investigation paper (IP), instead of a sudden death report (SDR).

SN Nair added that the police should have immediately proceed to the scene of the crime and investigate the matter as homicide first. Which they didn’t.

Further claiming that Faizal “deliberately” did not follow police SOP and secured sufficient evidence for reference to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), SN Nair said “instead, for reasons best known to him, he has acted in a lackadaisical fashion and manner in his investigation.”

“As a result, he has allowed important suspects to escape from the law.”

With Coroner Mahyon Talib’s decision set to be revealed on the 22nd of January, Ivana’s death either by accidental death, misadventure, suicide, an open verdict, natural causes or unlawful killing, will determine the next course of action.

Should a verdict of unlawful killing be delivered, the police with direction from the AGC will seek a warrant of arrest from Interpol to extradite Alex and Luna.

SN Nair said that the couple will face “further investigation and … possible prosecution for culpable homicide under Section 304 of the Penal Code or any other lesser criminal charges.”

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