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LEGO Collabs With Nintendo To Create A Super Mario With Bluetooth Connection To COLLECT Coins!



Source: LEGO

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Growing up, you either had a LEGO set or desperately wanted one. I mean, the simple joy of creating and dismantling structures made us feel like miniature architects. You know, minus the salary, talent or expertise.

Now, remember Super Mario? Ah, those were the days when you were Mario and your younger sibling thought they were Luigi. Well, apparently LEGO looked into the part of our brains containing childhood fantasies and guess what?

YES! LEGO and Nintendo have collaborated to create a Lego Super Mario set!

Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course


LEGO experience that’s on a whole new level

To play with the LEGO Super Mario, you’ll have to download an interactive app that not only tracks your collected coins but also provides you with a step-by-step guide on assembling the sets.

If you’re anything like me and operate with just a single brain cell, you’d find this guides extremely helpful.

The app will suggest you other creative ways to build your sets. There’s also a forum for you to flex your creations with your friends.

How does the set connect with the app you ask?


Mario comes with Bluetooth connection to collect coins

Well, again, as I said, this isn’t your average LEGO set. The Mario comes with Bluetooth connections and each set has a special QR code to collect coins and track your movement.

We were privileged to have an interactive session with Jonathan Bennick, Digital Design Lead on the Lego Super Mario who said the reaction to their product has been incredible.

“Super Mario is such an icon and fans have been anticipating the full release of the whole line products. We love how creative Nintendo and Lego fans are and can’t wait for them to unleash their imaginations.”

Besides the Starter Pack, the set also comes with TEN expansion sets each designed for you to go wild. As Jonathan said while building these sets, while there’s an initial guide, ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way. Even if you failed your Arts in school, no worries, JUST GO CRAZY!

Adventures with Mario Starter Course

Expansion Sets:

Guarded Fortress 

Desert Pokey

Whomp’s Lava Trouble

If you’re a Super Mario fan, you can probably recognize most of the sets as they were inspired by the Nintendo.

A new addition is the Piranha Plant Power Slide where you can collect coins based on how long you can balance yourself on the slide.

Piranha Plant Power Slide

Besides the expansion sets, they also have Power-Up packs which each reveals its own feature and powers.

My personal favourite is the catto one for….obvious reasons.

The prices for each set and the expansion sets as well as the Power-Up packs are as follow:

  • Adventures with Mario Starter Course (RM259.90)
  • Expansion sets
    • Guarded Fortress (RM239.90)
    • Desert Pokey (RM99.90)
    • Whomp’s Lava Trouble (RM94.90)
    • Piranha Plant Power Slide (RM149.90)
    • Boomer Bill Barrage (RM149.90)
    • Mario’s House & Yoshi (RM149.90)
    • Toad’s Treasure Hunt (RM329.90)
    • Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle (RM479.90)
    • Thwomp Drop (RM199.90)
    • King Boo and the Haunted Yard (269.90)
  • Power-up Packs
    • Fire Mario (RM49.90)
    • Propeller Mario (RM49.90)
    • Cat Mario (RM49.90)
    • Builder Mario (RM49.90)
  • Character Packs (RM16.90)

If you can’t contain your excitement any more, remember the full LEGO Super Mario Assortment will only launch on the 1st of August 2020 BUT you can pre-order the Starter Course here.


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