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Lionel Messi’s Fan Commits Suicide After Argentina’s Shocking Loss to Croatia



Lionel Messi's Die-Hard Fan Commits Suicide After Argentina's Shocking Loss to Croatia - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Tribun / The Sun

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With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, millions will cheer while others will have to deal with the defeat of their favourite teams. Sadly, this young man couldn’t accept the loss of the team he was rooting for and decided to end his own life.

Dinu Alex from Kerala, India had always been a huge fan of Lionel Messi. He followed all the major football leagues and even bought the same jersey as Messi to watch the game.

Source: The Sun

So, when Argentina shockingly lost to Croatia, Dinu was devastated as Messi had failed to perform in the most important game of the sport. He then left a handwritten note in his bedroom and no one saw him again ever since.

Here’s what was written on the note.

“Nothing is left in this world for me to see. I am leaving for the depth of death. Nobody is responsible for my death.”

Fearing that the 30-year-old man would act rashly, his family lodged a police report as they believed Dinu might have headed towards the Meenachi River. A search and rescue operation was launched but the heavy rain and strong currents posed some problems to the teams.

Sadly, Dinu had already jumped into the river and his body was found by the police on 24 June, which coincidentally is Messi’s birthday.

Source: Indosport

According to his relative, Dinu wasn’t a talkative person and had very few friends, but when it comes to football, he was Lionel Messi’s biggest fan. In one of his books, he wrote,

“Messi, my life is for you, waiting to see you lift the Cup.”

That explains why Messi’s lost had such a huge impact on Dinu.

Our prayers and thoughts go to Dinu’s family and we hope they can find strength to pull through this difficult time. 


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