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Little Girl From Poor Family Forced To Break Own Piggy Bank To Buy Smartphone For E-Learning



Source: เสาวลักษณ์ จันทกนก

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As more and more classes begin to migrate to online solutions in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the discrepancy between those who have the privilege of access to the Internet and those who do not are becoming increasingly apparent.

In fact, reports have already begun to surface of underprivileged families having to resort to drastic measures to ensure that their children have the necessary facilities to allow them to continue schooling online.

Such is the case of one little girl from an underprivileged family, whose plight was recently shared online by a Thai netizen who works at a mobile phone kiosk. As the little girl walked up to the counter, she offered a stack of loose change and crumpled bank notes onto the counter.

“I want to buy a new phone,” she stated politely.

The clerk, puzzled that she would bring so much money to purchase a new phone, asked if she was planning to use it to play mobile games, as most children do these days.

“No, I need it so I can join my friends online in e-learning.” she responded.

In fact, her grandfather, who accompanied her to the kiosk, even asked if it was possible for them to pay with the loose change, worried that the store would only accept credit card payments.

The story, which has since spread like wildfire across social media, highlights how e-learning may prove to be more of a privilege than an alternative for poorer students who can’t afford the necessary tools to allow them to study online. Many netizens have also chimed in on this fact, pointing out that not everyone can easily take up e-learning.

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