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Liverpool FC’s Assistant Manager Loves This M’sian Artist’s Art So Much That He Wants To Buy It!



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Imagine not just getting your art recognised by someone in your favourite football club, but when the person actually wants to purchase it? Malaysian artist Ganeswaran Segar can certainly relate to this!

29-year-old Ganeswaran Segar, from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, finished his master’s degree in Mechanical engineering and is currently looking for a job. Recently Ganeshwaran went viral when his art caught the attention of Liverpool FC’s Assistant Manager.

He recalled that after finishing the painting, he uploaded the time-lapse painting video to his Youtube channel but it did not go viral, thus he tried his luck and sent the painting and video through Liverpool FC’s website.

“The next day, I was shocked with their reply by email, saying that they appreciate my talents and hard work on this painting, they loved my painting,” he said.

On the evening of the same day, he was shocked when he received a DM from Liverpool FC Head News, James Carol via his Twitter account. He said that the painting was great and asked if Ganeswaran’s painting is for sale.

“I said yes and was curious about who the buyer was. I was told that the buyer is the Liverpool FC assistant manager, Pepijn Lijnders.”

He also asked Ganeswaran about the price of the artwork and they are currently still in discussion.

Sharing with WORLD OF BUZZ, Ganeswaran said that he has been drawing and painting since he was 8 years old. He was really interested in drawing and painting but he never attended any art classes.

Thanks to Youtube videos, Ganeswaran learnt to improve his skills. Nevertheless, he still faces hardship in creating artworks as he does not have a suitable drawing environment.

“I paint at my house. So, I don’t have a suitable place or tools like drawing tables or lights,” he said. For the Liverpool painting, it took him 11 months to complete it. He also needs to bring it to his porch where there is a big table so that he has sufficient place.

“I never thought of giving up, because I knew this painting is going to take a lot of time. Personally I think patience is very important.”

Ganeswaran is planning to pursue his career as an engineer or a lecturer since he is done with his master’s degree. But in the future, he would like to teach an art class.

This is such an achievement! We look forward to more amazing artwork from you Ganeswaran! YNWA!


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