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Loan Sharks Threaten To Turn Msian Lady Into Prostitute After They Sent Her Money She Didn’t Apply For



Loan Sharks Threaten To Turn - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Star & Art-Voronezh

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It’s no joke when you’re advised to never resort to loan sharks when your cash flow is low because with loan sharks, even your curiosity can turn into an open door for them to get a grip on you.

The best example would be how a 28-year-old Malaysian lady, who only wants to be known as Wong, had merely enquired about a loan advertisement. As she was probably between a rock and a hard place, she stooped to contacting a loan shark about their interest rates, only to turn down the loan because she realised how much she’d have to pay them back.

Her biggest mistake though was giving them her personal details, including her bank statements, when the loan sharks had asked for them.

Lo and behold, a man named Sie deposited RM3,000 into her account soon after, without her consent.

“I initially rejected the offer of a loan because the interest was too high, and I thought there would be an agreement to be signed first. But, suddenly RM3,000 was banked into my account. I was then told to pay RM1,700 per week and must pay RM5,100 within three weeks,” Wong said, according to The Star.

Source: The Star

Not long after, another man named Lim had apparently contacted her to let her know that another RM2,500 was banked into her account. For the RM2,500, she was told to pay back RM4,400 within a two-week period. Wong also added that she never touched the money and had returned every penny to the senders.

Lim, the second sender, despite having his principal sum returned, was unhappy and had not only threatened to harm Wong’s family but also vowed that he would arrange for Wong to be a prostitute if she did not pay him back.

Wong’s current total amount of ‘borrowings’ has accumulated to RM20,300.

“He also said that if I did not pay back in time, every hour would result in a RM1,000 penalty.” Wong added.

Wong should never have provided them with such personal details if she wanted to turn down the loan, considering the fact that loan sharks are known for their shady business procedures and ruthless approaches when it comes to collecting what they’re ‘owed’.

They don’t even care if they harass the wrong person, as long as someone suffers for their loss.

So kids, never ever, under any circumstances, resort to loan sharks. 


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