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Local Gym Disappears From Social Media After Apologising For Shaming Malaysian Girl



Source: Sofia Cholan & Fitness Champ

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Fitness Champ, the local gym that ‘cyberbullied’ a potential customer for inquiring about their programme prices has disappeared from the face of social media ever since they were exposed for responding rudely using sarcasm and snarky comments.

Last week, the victim Sofia Cholan, had messaged the gym on their Instagram page about a free weight loss program and had inquired if they were willing to train her for a minimal fee. However, the way they responded enraged netizens who were appalled at their customer service.

On the day (22 May) that WORLD OF BUZZ first broke the news, many netizens went over to Fitness Champ’s Facebook page and left negative comments on their reviews section. However, later we noticed that the gym removed their Facebook page on that day itself. The page is still missing until now.

When Sofia Cholan first exposed them in one of her Instagram posts, Fitness Champ switched their Instagram account to private before switching to back to public again when they posted an apology a day later.

They justified that it was just a misunderstanding and that they had certain criteria for customers which Sofia apparently did not meet. The owner of the gym, who threatened to see Sofia ‘in court’, also apologised and said that the staff who allegedly wrote the rude message has been reprimanded.

However, netizens did not buy it and many made comments that they will never consider signing up for any of their programmes.


About a week later since the incident happened, Fitness Champ has also disappeared on Instagram as their account can no longer be found. WORLD OF BUZZ had linked their Instagram page in one of our previous articles, but the link now leads to an unavailable page.

The owner of Fitness Champ has also deactivated her Instagram account ever since Fitness Champ was exposed.

You can read about the whole story here, and the gym’s apology here.


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