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Local Gym That ‘Cyberbullied’ Malaysian Girl Apologises & Explains Their Side of The Story



Source: Instagram & Facebook

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The local gym who responded to a customer inquiry in an unprofessional manner and publicly shamed her on their Instagram page has come forward with a public apology.

Fitness Champ apologised to Sofia Cholan, the girl who had inquired about the prices of their fitness programme and had asked for a minimal fee, seeing that the prices were to expensive for her.

Here’s the inquiry she had asked of them, to which they responded with a rude and sarcastic reply.

It was a misunderstanding

About a day after the incident (22 May), they apologised to Sofia and to their followers and said that they have reprimanded the staff in question and will make decisions regarding the staff’s attitude and rude responses.

They also explained their side of the story, saying that they wished they could change a few things as their poor choice of words had caused a misunderstanding between them and Sofia.

“First, we would like to sincerely apologize to @therajasofia. The misunderstandings that transpired between us due to our poor choices of words have hurt her and we understand the frustrations that @therajasofia may have had and for that, we once again humbly apologize,” they wrote.

“In all honesty, we could have reacted better during our conversation with @therajasofia. We admitted that we had given into our shortcomings and thus the undesired outcome occurred. We hope that we could settle this matter between us personally and find a common ground.”

They were unaware what Sofia was referring to

Fitness Champ then shared that they were unaware that Sofia’s inquiry was regarding their Extreme Weight Loss Challenge program. Sofia had expressed her interest in a minimal payment in consideration to be the face of Fitness Champ for marketing purposes, but it was something that the gym did not offer.

“The current viral allegations made against us that the inquiry was for the purposes of the Extreme Weight Loss Challenge was something that was not represented to us earlier,” they said.

“At Fitness Champ, we value our students’ health above all else. As such, we put our whole soul and being to ensure that our students meet their desired goals. We may be selective in accepting students to our gym, but that’s because we’re giving it our all to train our students.”

They mentioned that there are certain criteria that participants of their programmes have to fulfill if they were to be accepted which include honesty, dedication, integrity, and hardwork, and justified that Sofia did not meet most of the criteria.

“Looking forward, we will learn from this and improve ourselves to make sure we are more considerate when interacting with anyone,” they said.

“We wholly admit our mistakes and realize we have many more areas in ourselves that we need to improve therefore we pray that @therajasofia as well as anyone who’s affected by this situation can accept our mistakes and allow us to better ourselves for the future.”

Here’s the original post:

The founder of Fitness Champ also wrote an apology on the gym’s Instagram stories.

Good of them to come forward with an apology for the way they treated Sofia. If you’ve missed out on the initial story, you can read it by clicking the link below!


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Source: Instagram
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