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Local Netizen Shares How Old Uncle Selling Pau Had Barely Enough Money For Her Change



Source: @qussiynur

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While business and the economy may be slowing down post-MCO for everyone, it is probably those who live on a day-to-day basis that have been hit the hardest with the economic downturn. This is especially true of laborers and hawkers, who are dependent on daily income to sustain themselves.

Just recently, netizen @qussiynur shared a heartbreaking story of how she ran into an old uncle who was selling pau from his roadside stall, and how the MCO had affected his business drastically. According to @qussiynur, the old uncle could be frequently seen setting up shop right outside of Andalusia Travel & Tours in Kampung Pandan.

While she had never bought from him before, she decided to do so by chance one morning and buy three paus from him. The total only amounted to around RM7, which means that each pau likely cost between RM2 to RM3.

But what makes this all the more heartbreaking is when she paid for the paus with a single RM20 note, she made a saddening discovery.

As the old uncle opened up his tool-box which doubled as his cash register, she noticed that he only had RM13 left, just enough to return her exact amount of change.

“Alhamdulillah,” he whispered under his breath in relief.

She adds that while she was used to seeing him operate in his usual spot, he hasn’t been selling his paus during the MCO period due to strict regulations. She also surmised that given the lack of business in the past two months, the old uncle must not have had much of any income.

@qussiynur urged netizens to go and support the old uncle to keep his business running, as not only are his paus affordable, they’re apparently also really delicious!

Her post has since gone viral over local social media, garnering over 25,000 retweets over Twitter.

So if you are ever in the Kampung Pandan area, why not consider helping this old uncle with his business, while treating yourself at the same time? 


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Source: @qussiynur
Source: @qussiynur
Source: @qussiynur
Source: @qussiynur

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