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Local ‘Spider-Man’ Swings Into Children’s Cancer Wards In KL & Klang To Bring Hope



Local 'Spider-Man' Swings Into Children's Cancer Wards In KL & Klang To Bring Hope - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: FMT

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Cancer is truly one of the most fearsome diseases mankind has ever faced, and even with recent breakthroughs in cancer treatment and medication, we are still a long way off from curing this malignant blight. Cancer can affect anyone, from the frail and old to the young just only learning how to live, and all these people have to hold on to is hope.

Perhaps it is no surprise that FMT is reporting on a webbed wonder swinging into children’s cancer wards around Kuala Lumpur and Klang to spread hope.

Mohamad Shahril Sabari, 35, was first inspired to don the costume by his friend, who suffered from lymphoma. In fact, he sold his collection of Star Wars figurines and memorabilia to help fund his friend’s chemotherapy, and while he has rebuilt his collection in the years since, he gained a way to embody the selflessness of one of his personal idols, Spider-Man, while giving hope to children suffering from the disease.

FMT followed Shahril on a trip to a children’s cancer ward for a buka puasa event, and described how the man under the costume has to deal with the sight of children fighting for their lives. He told the website, “When you see a child in pain, it really gets to you.”

“I need to do this. I want to make them happy. When the kids are happy, they forget their pain, even if it is only just for a brief moment.”

Source: FMT

He described one particular instant where he was about to perform, but had to quickly duck out of the way for a gurney with a covered body coming through the hallways. Nonetheless, Spider-Man has a responsibility, and Shahril took a deep breath before meeting the children, for whom Spider-Man is their favourite hero.

In fulfilling this responsibility, Shahril too finds happiness – like the time a four-year-old boy in a cancer ward came up to him to say, “I love you, Spider-Man.”

That’s really sweet! Shahril’s truly doing something great for these kids who have little hope. Hopefully, he’ll be able to keep cheering them up for a long, long time more.


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