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Shocking Video Shows KTM Crashing Into Lorry After Stubborn Driver Drove Onto Railway Tracks



Lorry Instructed Not To Cross Klang Railway Track, Gets Hit By KTM After He Stubbornly Crossed Anyway - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Kosmo!

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Sometimes the simplest of instructions are there to protect you, even when you can’t protect yourself.

Case in point would be the when the station master of a train station tells you to stop because a train is coming, you stop!

A cement truck was hit by a train in Klang after the driver refused to follow the instructions of the station master who was trying to prevent him from crossing the railroad. The incident, which happened at Northport, Klang, was shared in a video on the Kosmo! Facebook group.

The video which is also widely circulated on Whatsapp and social media shows a lorry getting onto the tracks despite a station master frantically signalling it to stay back. The intense video got netizens cringing as you hear the train honking at the stubborn lorry which STILL insisted to cross the railway tracks.

Watch the video below:

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Posted by Kosmo Online on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Here’s the after math:


Source: Kosmo!

Not only such selfish behaviour created unnecessary damage to the lorry and KTM, but it’s becomes a real inconvenience to everyone else as well. How selfish can the driver be?!

“The collision caused the cement truck to overturn and spill cement all over the location. The train on the other hand, sustained damaged around the engine at the front, though both the lorry driver and the train driver were not injured,” South Klang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Shamsul Amar Ramli told Kosmo!.

According to him, the case is now being investigated under the Railway Act 1991 by Malayan Railways Limited (KTM).

This is why you follow instruction, kids. 


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