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Louis Vuitton Boutique Robbed During George Floyd Riots, RM368K Worth of Bags Stolen!



Source: @FarukFirat1987 & @jxhnBinder

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As protests spread across the United States in the wake of the cruel killing of George Floyd by a Caucasian police officer working in Minneapolis, some of these rallies have turned into a hotbed of disjointed violence and carnage after fires began erupting in a number of cities as protesters clashed with the authorities.

However, it would appear that protesters are not the only ones out in full force, as opportunistic looters have also capitalised on the chaos seen during these riots to break into a number of stores while the authorities are away. In a recent video to have surfaced on social media, looters broke into a Louis Vuitton boutique in Portland, Oregon, before plundering it.

In the video, the glass storefront was shattered by the group before a mad dash ensued to reach for whatever stock was available on the store’s many display racks.

A Twitter netizen managed to chronicle the types of bags that were visibly seen being looted, while revealing the retail price of each piece. For any fashion aficionado, you will have noticed that some of the looted merchandise included current ‘It-bags’ from Vuitton’s current collection, including:

  1. The Milla bag in MM worth RM 23,446.80
  2. The Cappucines bag in PM worth RM 22,144.20
  3. The On The Go Tote worth RM 12,982.58
  4. The Pochette Metis in Empirente RM 10,507.64

Today marks the sixth day of the ongoing protests in the United States over George Floyd’s murder, a movement which has since spread across to the United Kingdom.

What do you guys think of this development? 


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