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Loving Son Photoshops Ageing Mother in Pictures to Bring Her Around the World



Loving Son Photoshops His Aging Mother Into Pictures to Bring Her Around the World - World Of Buzz
Source: Sinchew

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While many would use Photoshop to make themselves look more attractive, this man used the software to fulfill his mother’s wish.

A 48-year-old Thai photographer recently uploaded a few pictures of him and his mother travelling the world on social media, with the caption saying, “Bringing my mother to every tourist destination on earth.

Source: Sinchew

Source: Sinchew

These heartwarming photos melted netizens’ hearts and they praised him for being such a filial son. However, when responding to netizens’ questions, the photographer shockingly revealed that his mother never actually went to those places in reality, he merely Photoshopped her inside the pictures instead.

“I Photoshopped my mother’s picture into the places I’ve been to because that’s the only way I can bring my mother around the world,” he said.

During festive seasons, he’d return to his hometown in Bangkok to visit his dear mother. That’s when he’d share these Photoshopped pictures with his mother, so that they would feel like they’ve travelled the world together, according to Sinchew.

His mother was happy to see these pictures. I’m sure she can see the effort her son has put into each photo.

“I saw pictures of netizens bringing their mother overseas for vacation on social media. I envied them because I didn’t have much money at that time. Now that I’m financially doing well, I do want to bring my mother overseas but she is too old and can barely move,” he said.

He also urged netizens to bring they their parents along whenever they travel or work overseas if possible, as it’d be too late to do so once they’re much older.

Most of us focus so much on work without realising that our parents are getting older each day, which is why we should spend more quality time with them during the weekends. Trust us, even just breakfast would make their day!


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