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‘Luke Skywalker’ Suddenly Gains Thousands of Malaysian Fans After Tweeting Wrong Flag



Mark Hamill Sends His Love To Malaysia After His Flag Blunder - WORLD OF BUZZ
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The Force is strong in Malaysia, after fans came to light to help address the flag error. 

It was a day when Mark Hamill, an American actor best known for his role as Luke Skywalker, decided to do the unthinkable, a typical Jedi move… He decided to delete his Facebook account because he pointed out CEO Mark Zuckerberg prefers to make profit than focus on the truth.

He tweeted about his decision and ended the sentence with #PatriotismOverProfit. The admirable tweet is great, but Hamill mistakenly included an emoji Malaysian flag instead of an American flag.

This somewhat beautiful mistake have highlighted how respectful Malaysians are with most of them reacted in a positive manner, sending love while making Star Wars joke references.

Mark Hamill also saw himself suddenly gaining thousands of Malaysian followers following this adorable blunder.

On 15 January, Hamill then tweeted both flags while re-emphasising his point that no country’s value should be measured in money. Admittedly, Hamill mentioned about stumbling upon a huge following from South East Asia in which he sends his love to.

The Malaysian and American flag do share similarities but in this incident, Malaysians have proved that we love our country so much and we are able to react in a very positive manner if we choose to do so. Hence, let’s learn to react better to anything also after this ok?

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Mark Hamill Sends His Love To Malaysia After His Flag Boo-Boo - WORLD OF BUZZ