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Maid Desperately Forces Hand Down Baby’s Throat To Cover Up Her Mistake



Disabled Boy Vomits Blood After Maid Forces Her Hand Down His Throat - World Of Buzz 1

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On 6 March 2017, an Indonesian maid pleaded guilty in court for forcing her hand down the throat of her employer’s son which resulted the young boy to vomit blood. The incident happened on 23 November 2016.

According to Kwong Wah, the 36-year-old Indonesian maid, Kusrini Casan Arja was hired in March 2016 to look after the young boy who’s bed-ridden due to spinal atrophy.

Source: Kwong Wah

Part of her job was to use a suction machine to remove the phlegm accumulated in his windpipe.

On the day of the incident, both the parents were out for work at 9am. Just 15 minutes after they’ve left, the maid noticed that a lot of phlegm accumulated inside the boy’s throat.

Instead of leaving the suction cap outside the boy’s nose and mouth as instructed by the parents, she inserted the suction cap into the boy’s mouth thinking that it’d speed up the process and be more effective in removing the phlegm.

Unfortunately, the suction cap slipped into the boy’s throat. The maid tried using one finger to retrieve it but failed. The boy’s throat was bleeding as a result of that.

Desperate to cover up her fault, the maid shockingly forced her hand down the boy’s throat to dig for the suction cap. The brutal action has caused the poor boy to vomit blood which left her hand soaked with his blood.

Soon, the boy’s face started to turn purple due to the lack of oxygen. She quickly put on the oxygen mask for him to replenish his oxygen supply.

After that, she continued digging again. The whole process lasted for a long 8 minutes.

When the victim’s mother checked on the CCTV installed at home, she saw the maid was in the midst of replenishing oxygen to the boy and the boy’s oxygen level was low.

Being worried about the victim, the 55-year-old father called home to ask about the situation. The maid blatantly revealed that there ‘was blood’ but assured them that they had nothing to be worried about.

When the parents came home at night, the father noticed something was out of place.

“Maybe it’s the instinct of a father. I saw my son lying in bed crying. His mouth and nose bled at the slightest touch. So I checked on his throat using a torch light. That’s when I discovered there’s something lodged inside. We quickly called the ambulance, and the police arrived shortly. My wife who is a nurse, used a pair of tweezers to retrieve the suction cup,” the father said.

“When reviewing the CCTV footage, we saw the maid force her hand down my son’s throat, and forcefully digging inside his throat. The bed was soaking wet with his blood as a result,” the father added. 

The boy was rushed to emergency department where the doctor said that the boy’s throat had sustained a tear. The boy survived the ordeal and had spent two days in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, according to Stomp.

Upon conviction, the maid could be jailed up to 4 years and fined up to $4,000 (RM12,610). The next date in court has been set on March 23.

It’s heart-breaking to see the boy who’s already suffering to be treated this way. Let’s hope the maid gets the punishment she deserved.

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