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Maid Steals Phones, Watches & Tablet From Employer’s House After Working For Only 3 Days



Maid Steals Phones, Watches & An - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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It’s scary to be betrayed by someone. Especially if you’ve entrusted them with your entire house and belongings!

According to a Facebook post, an Indonesian maid had robbed her employer’s house just after three days of being hired. The incident happened on 7th March and was reported by the victim, Liz Muhammad.

This is a picture of the suspect that is still at large.

Source: Facebook

According to her report, Liz was at the office when the robbery happened. At around 10am, Liz phoned her maid but was surprised as she wasn’t picking up any of her calls. She then called the house phone several times but there was still no answer.

Feeling uneasy about the matter, she decided to call one her neighbours, asking them if they could inform the security guards. The guards then proceeded to check her apartment and found that her door was left wide open and that all of her belongings were scattered around the living room. Liz’s baby was also found crying and unattended when they arrived. Oh no! 

At 12.15pm, Liz arrived at her home and was shocked by the sight of the robbery’s aftermath. After ensuring the safety of her child, Liz managed to identify several items that her maid had stolen.

The stolen items include:

  • 1 iPad Mini 2
  • 2 Samsung Galaxy J Prime hand phones
  • 3 Tissot watches
  • 2 G-Shock watches

Liz then reported the incident to the authorities who are currently searching for the suspect. According to a CCTV footage, her maid was last seen running away with the stolen items in a purple luggage bag.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

It’s unfortunate that she got robbed by a maid after three days of hiring her! We hope that this incident doesn’t happen to anyone else and that the suspect would get caught soon. If you have any other similar stories, be sure to share them with us in the comments section below!


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