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Mak Cik Selling Nasi Lemak Lives In A Kitchen In Kuala Klawang With Her Family Of Seven



Source: Kuan Chee Heng

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For most of us, nasi lemak has become a well-loved staple for every meal of the day, and we don’t just mean any nasi lemak. We’re talking about the genuine Malaysian roadside aunty nasi lemak.

These aunties have brought us so much joy from their amazing cooking but rarely do we delve into their lives and why they’re selling nasi lemak by the roadside in the first place. For some, it might be for the smiles and a side income for their families, but for others, it’s for their livelihoods and the hopes of potentially having a proper roof above their heads.

Philanthropist, Kuan Chee Heng, or more affectionately known as Uncle Kentang by Malaysians, recently took to his Facebook page to showcase the request for a fridge he received from an elderly aunty who sells nasi lemak and lives in a kitchen with her family of seven.

He wrote, “I am going to see you, mak cik. It touches my heart when a mak cik requested for a fridge. Her husband works as a gardener at a school and is only earning RM1,000 a month. With five school-going children, they rent a kitchen to live in, in Kuala Klawang for merely RM150. She received some money from the government and started a nasi lemak stall. She did not have a fridge and wanted one so that she can keep her ingredients well.”

In order to make a living for her family, the mak cik who didn’t even have a rice cooker, worked past her constrictions to make and sell nasi lemak.

“My heart was sad. When asked how she cooked the nasi lemak, she said just like that. It turns out she didn’t have an electric rice cooker. When asked if they have a fan, she said they collected and repaired one,” he shared.

Thankfully, Uncle Kentang was there to the rescue as he bought her a fridge, a fan, a gas stove and other equipment and materials she needed to help her nasi lemak business.

“This is someone who works hard, we’ll help her. We thank all donors for contributing to making life easier for others. We live once and we live meaningfully,” he shared.

We’re so happy that the mak cik got the help that she needed for her nasi lemak stall. This is why it is important to buy your meals and snacks from those vending food from roadside stalls, for you’ll never know how much your purchase can help families and lives.

Long live nasi lemak aunties.

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