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Making Puns Out of Malay Girl Names is Twitter’s Newest Trend, & Here Are Our Favourites!



M'sian Twitter's New Trend Revolves Around Making Puns Out of Malay - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Quora & Twitter

Oh, Malaysians. You never fail to astonish me with your creativity, especially when it comes to incorporating multiple languages into jokes and puns.

Twitter has recently blew up with a series of puns involving Malay girl names, with Malaysians actively participating to showcase their funniest pun. #newtrendalert

What you do is ask a question and answer it with a Malay girl name that fits the answer the best!

Here are just some of the punniest ones!

If you’re a health conscious person…

Source: Twitter

If you don’t really care much for diets or exercise…

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

When you love sports and video games…

Source: Twitter

For those city folks…

Source: Twitter

If you love movies…

Source: Twitter

If you’re a flower child…

Source: Twitter

If you’re a hopeless romantic…

Source: Twitter

If you’re a bad b*tch…

Source: Twitter

And finally, if you’re a 1Malaysia advocate looking for some racial harmony…

Source: Twitter

This may very well be the best trend Malaysian Twitter has seen in a while and the fact that it can diversified to incorporate Indian girl names and Chinese girl names is truly in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

There are still quite a few Malaysian girl name puns out there we didn’t manage to cover in this article. If there’s any of your favourites that we’ve missed out, feel free to drop them in the comment section below, because well, sharing is caring!

I personally can’t wait for the Indian and Chinese versions. Netizens, do your thing! 


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