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Malay Apologizes For Disturbing Poster Threatening To Behead Chinese Malaysians



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The Bersih rally is a huge one that’s organized in Malaysia as the original aim was to seek reformation of the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections, as well as for clean and transparent governance in Malaysia. While currently the main Bersih 5’s objective is to ‘ouster the Prime Minister’.

However, Malaysian Facebook user, Afdlin Shauki took to social media to express his concern after stumbling across a very disturbing poster.

The poster shows a warning that’s directed at Chinese Malaysians. On the bottom right corner of the paper depicts a person in the yellow Bersih shirt was gruesomely beheaded.


On the poster reads, “If you guys (Chinese) goes to Bersih 5. We will give a full-on ‘cleansing’.”

The worrisome threat was highlighted by Shauki who wrote,

“I would like to apologise to all the people from the Chinese race who felt like their safety is threatened in Malaysia because of irresponsible Malay groups like these. This is not the opinion of majority of the Malays who wants peace and harmony in our multi-cultured Malaysia.

“I hope that authorities would capture and take legal action towards these people or groups that made posters like this one.

“This is not the Malaysia I know. This threat that is directed towards our own Malaysian citizen, by people who has no brain and thinks their mom and dad that holds a right to the land in Malaysia.

“I plea for help from the Abang police. These kind of words that are filled with hatred must not be adorned on buildings in my country. Astaghfirullah halazeem.”

His words received applauds from everyone with the Malay races agreeing to what he wrote, while the Chinese thanked him for speaking out.

“Kawan kita semua sudah lama tinggal berjiran antara kaum. Kami paham ini kerja org tak siuman mungkin mentah lagi.” one wrote.

“Orang gila sahaja yang bercakap mahu cetuskan pergaduhan dan pembunuhan. Orang Islam tidak berkelakuan jahat seperti. Ini jauh sesat dari Islam sebenar.” another user commented.

Words from everyone proved that Malaysians have the utmost respect for each other, despite the small groups which keep trying to disrupt the country’s tranquility.

We, as Malaysians, have lived peacefully among each other throughout these years, and it will not change. Not now, not ever.

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