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“Malaysia only recognises old people” Syed Saddiq Explains Why M’sians Only Succeed Abroad



Source: Berita Harian & Facebook

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After the recent news that a Malaysian-Vietnamese woman, Jocelyn Yow from Alor Setar, Kedah became the Mayor of Eastvale, California, Syed Saddiq has since given his take on the news.

In a Facebook post, the Muar MP said he has noticed many people saying Malaysia only appreciates its own people (or those who have ties to Malaysia) when they have succeeded abroad. But he adds that there is some truth to this fact and lists a few lessons that our country can learn from Jocelyn Yow.

1. Foreign countries recognise young people, Malaysia recognises old people

In his first point, Syed Saddiq said in Malaysia, many leadership responsibilities are only handed to the elderly as older people have more experience.

However, he said that this should not be an excuse for Malaysia to hold back young people from opportunities to lead.

“Give us space to speak up, lead the community, be representative to the people,” he said.

2. Foreign countries see merit, Malaysia sees cronies.

In his second point, Syed Saddiq said that outside Malaysia, space and opportunity are available for those who work hard and sincerely carry out their responsibilities to the community.

“If you are diligent, there is definitely room to fill,” he said.

“But in Malaysia, it is a different story.  If you do not have a political relationship or if you are not a politician yourself, the space for you to lead is very difficult.”

Syed Saddiq ends his post saying that he is very happy to see successful Malaysians at home and abroad. He mentions that even though Jocelyn is an American citizen, he believes her success is an inspiration to many young people and Malaysian women.

“If foreign countries can, Malaysia must. All that is needed is political commitment and determination to build a nation together.”

Most Malaysians see Syed Saddiq as the voice of the younger generation in Malaysia and has always spoken up on matters concerning the youth. However, in several incidents, even he is not recognised for his efforts by older politicians and has been disrespected in parliament due to his age several times.


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Source: FMT
Source: Syed Saddiq

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