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Malaysian Confesses: I Spent RM16,000 On Women In Live-Streams



For Illustration Purposes Only. Source: Chinosity & Freepik

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To some, being lonely is unbearable and at times, it drives someone to do unexpected things.

According to a post on UTAR Confessions, a Malaysian man is about RM16,000 in credit card debt after spending it on live-streaming services when he was lonely.

He was lonely and starting to watch live-streams of ladies

He starts off by saying that he earns a monthly salary of RM6,000 and every month, he would save a certain amount and give his family some money too. He doesn’t really have many friends but he has a few ‘brothers’.

Life at that point of time was great for him as he had a budding career but he felt like he was missing something, love, to be exact. One by one his friends are getting into a relationship while he remained single and he longed for a girlfriend.

One day, he stumbled across a live-streaming app and tried it out. His first impression was that the concept is fun and refreshing as you can meet lots of pretty ladies online and chat with them. If you give them little ‘gifts’ (money) then they’ll be really happy.

Over time, going to live streams became a habit for him and he would go to the platform whenever he was bored. Then, he developed feelings for the girls on the platform and he felt like he had to help them reach their goals by giving them ‘gifts’. After a while, he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore but he felt bad for not helping them. So he started watching less of the live-streams, that was during the start of his debt.

For Illustration Purposes Only.

Falling in love with live streamers

He remained in contact with one of the women on Wechat and he tried to help her reach her ‘goals’. There were times when he felt like he may just be a tool for her but he decided to take the gamble and confessed his love to her. She rejected him and said,

“Live streaming is just for fun! I never expected you to take this so seriously though!”

Instead of removing the app from his phone, he continued watching live streams, helping women reach their ‘goals’, falling in love with them and getting rejected. The cycle goes on and on. Without him realising, it has already been two years since he downloaded the app and he’s RM16,000 in credit card debt.

He exclaims that he does not hate the ladies for what they have done but he felt like they were manipulating his emotions to get to his credit card. Be it as it may, he says that he’s still okay compared to a few people he knows who are RM20,000 to RM30,000 in debt.

He has since deleted the app

He has completely deleted the application from his phone and will be focusing the rest on the year on himself by cleaning his debt, travelling and saving up to buy a house.

“If you think about it, the money could’ve been the downpayment of a brand new car. I’m such a dumbo, I haven’t even paid off my own car yet.”

Well, that is certainly a very unfortunate story. Whether it’s true or not, lesson here is, don’t spend on live-streams guys! You could use those money to pamper yourself better!

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Source: SCMP
Source: Chinosity

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