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Malaysian Artist Recreates Disney Princesses In Local Traditional Costumes



Source: Art of FarahDaim

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Being a Malaysian, we have a melting pot of different cultures in the nation. That also means that we have a variety of different traditional costumes! It’s not only the cheongsam and the saree but rather the different costumes for each state as well!

A talented Malaysian artist by the name of Farah Daim reimagined the Disney princesses as tourists wearing the different traditional costumes in Malaysia!

** Hope you guys do not misunderstood these Disney characters are like tourist who wear traditionals clothing and not…

Posted by Art of FarahDaim on Monday, 8 February 2021

In a post that has gone viral, she said that these drawings had taken almost three months to complete. She had spent two of those months just sketching to make sure that she got the vibe right for each of the princesses. It is worth noting that she mixed and matched features from different costumes along with their original Disney costumes.

Speaking to World of Buzz, Farah told us: “I’ve always loved our unique culture and I’m also an avid Disney fan. So why not combine both of my two favourite things? I really wanted to see them wearing our local outfits too!”

The gifted artist said she felt really glad when she discovered that people liked her art.

“I feel so happy especially since all Malaysians appreciate my art.”

Speaking on art, she says that it’s imperative for everyone to always support the original artists by sharing directly from their page and not from other pages!

Additionally, she’s also drawn Mulan in a Baba and Nyonya costume and Jasmine in a saree. Farah also included Singapore and Brunei as well!

The artist says that she would like to give her thanks to all fellow Malaysians!

“I’m glad that you appreciate the beauty of our culture and I hope the beauty of our culture will inspire the younger generation.”


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