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Malaysian-Born Panda Cub Moves Back to China Because We Can’t Afford to Raise It



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Not even Nuan Nuan the panda could escape from the effect of rising cost of living! 

Earlier today, it was announced that Malaysia will return the 2-year-old Malaysian-born giant panda cub, Nuan Nuan to China next month, FMT reported.

Source: MMO

Source: The Star

The decision was made after the cost of keeping it was deemed too high.

“If we wanted to keep Nuan Nuan, we would have to expand the Giant Panda Conservation Centre at Zoo Negara, on top of the yearly US$600,000 (RM2.5 million) fee and other expenses,” Natural Responses and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaafar said.

“It is sad to say goodbye, but we feel that this is best for Nuan Nuan,” he added.

An official letter has been relayed to the Chinese government to inform them of the decision.

Nuan Nuan’s parents, Xing Xing and Liang Liang were loaned from China to symbolise the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China back in 2014.

Source: My News Hub

It quickly became a hot topic among Malaysians back then, many of them deeming it a waste of money. Now that the government decided to send it back to China, netizens quickly seized the opportunity to put in their two cents.

“Frankly speaking, it’s a waste of money. Thousands of students could have been sponsored to further their education, but no, you chose to use the money to keep these pandas,” a netizen said.

“I thought a certain someone said our economy is on track and growing strong? Why send the panda back?” another netizen commented.

We’re sorry Nuan Nuan, but RM2.5 million to keep you around is a pretty hefty price to pay!

So, if you haven’t see Nuan Nuan at Zoo Negara’s Giant Panda Conservation Centre, you might want to hurry up before he moves!

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