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Malaysian Bought A Doll From A Second-Hand Shop But She Later Had The Scare of Her Life



Malaysian Bought A Doll From A Second-Hand Shop But She Later Had The Scare of Her Life - World Of Buzz

It’s normal for us to buy things we like but what if one day you realize it was more than you bargained for? Facebook user Stephanie Chong lately shared her post on Facebook regarding an experience she had 2 years ago that garnered over 2,000 shares in 12 hours.

Her post writes:

“I’ve been hesitating to write a post for awhile. I wanted to write to express my feelings instead of keeping it bottled inside but have been stalling it.. until now.

2 years ago, I bought a doll from a second-hand shop in an old mall in PJ (I don’t think I should mention which mall). The doll caught my attention when I first laid eyes on it and I was compelled to by it. Something about it enchanted me and on impulse, I bought it.

I usually don’t like buying soft toys because besides it being an ornament at home or on your bed, there’s nothing much you can do with it. But here I was, purchasing one for myself.

I brought it home and I placed it cutely on the table beside my bed. For days I would talk to it (it was like my friend, someone I shared my stories of my day with). I would tell her about the happy moments I had, or even the frustrating day I had at work or with an annoying co-worker. 

Sometimes it feels as if she was listening. Then again, it’s normal to feel this way when you’re continuously blurting out word after word to an inanimate object. Before I go to bed, I’d even wish her a ‘good night’.

After a few months, days got busier and I did not bother much about my precious friend. She still stayed beside my bed but I was always far too tired and won’t talk to her like how I did when I was free.

One day, I came home and she was on my bed. It was moved and I instantly scared myself thinking of a scary story of the ‘annabelle’ doll.

I stayed with my little sister so I thought she was just playing with me and brushed it off. But several days after, I found her on the other side of my room. 

I had a bad day that day so i grumpily scolded my sister for moving my things. I even told her she needed to grow up and not play such childish pranks. What I said took her by surprise and she assured me she did not do it. I didn’t trust her at first. I mean, are you telling me the doll moved by itself? She must be watching too much horror films!

However, months pass by and from time to time I would still find the doll located at a different spot than it’s original place which is beside my bed. I got scared and quickly put her inside my chest box of unused items. That very night I dreamt about her and what she said was buried in my head until now. She asked me, “why did you leave me alone?” in a sort of autotuned creepy voice. I woke up in cold sweat and the next day quickly threw her away in the bin outside my house.

Till this day I would sometimes have dreams about her. She seems to haunt me and will not let me go for the rest of my life. I sometimes regretted throwing the doll away instead of finding a bomoh or supernatural of dealing with the doll. Now I can never find it again and it will keep coming back to haunt me.

Please don’t ever buy dolls from a second-hand shop because you never know it’s origin; where it came from and who its previous owner is. 

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