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Malaysian Claims He Was Hacked After Leaving Comment Wishing Covid-19 Gets Worse



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Most of us are staying home because we are afraid of the Covid-19 virus, which is fair as it is deadly as people have already lost family members to it.

So, why would anyone wish that the coronavirus stays and grows in Malaysia?

One man from Negeri Sembilan decided to write a comment about how he wanted the coronavirus to remain and prosper in Malaysia because as a government worker, he get sto stay at home and earn money without having to do any work, as showcased on Lobak Merah.

He wrote, “We as Malaysians pray that the coronavirus stays in Malaysia. We ask that there will be more cases in Malaysia, just like in the US, Indonesia and Singapore, so that it’s like a holiday and we can stay at home.

“I don’t mind because I work a government job so my salary comes in anyways. I can shake my legs at home for a month and still earn up to more than RM1,000. People working in the private sector and running businesses are the ones struggling because money is not coming in for them, well, that’s on them. Why didn’t they ask to work under the government? And then when their salaries don’t come in because of the Movement Control Order (MCO), they are the ones that dumbfounded together.”

The man, after receiving backlash online, has made a police report regarding his Facebook profile getting hacked.

Malaysians, on the other hand, clearly didn’t believe him.

This comment goes, “Did you not have any other excuse? Getting hacked is too common.”

This comment reads, “Do you really think people believe you?”

It’s uncertain whether the man wrote the comment himself or he really got hacked, but we genuinely hope that no one jokes about another wave of the coronavirus like that, because of how badly things may turn out if it our country shares the same situation as the US.

What do you think? Did he write the comment or was he hacked?

Let us know in the comment section below. 


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Source: Lobak Merah
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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