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Malaysian Couple’s Romance Blooms While Finding For Parking Spots



Source: Dr. Kayla Teh

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“Its Kinda Romantic Right” Malaysian Couple Share How They Bond While Finding Park Spots

Looking for parking is super hard everywhere especially on weekends. It’s super annoying and troublesome. However, there’s a couple out that thinks differently!

Meet Dr Kayla Teh and her boyfriend, Dr Wong.

Kayla Teh is a dentist and internet personality who has gained a large number of following due to her educational posts on dentistry. 

On 21 September, Kayla celebrated her one year anniversary with her boyfriend and posted a super sweet and quirky post on social media that made everyone’s heart melt.

This is what the post said:

“Come to think of it, looking for a parking spot is kinda romantic isn’t it?”

“We talk about our daily lives while we hunt for a spot, we get excited when we see an empty spot then realise a Kancil’s hiding inside. Then we get hyped again when someone passes by and points to their car to tell us they’re leaving.”

She continues on and says the sweetest phrase possible which is,

“Doing it alone seems like a chore, but with the right person, it seems like a treasure hunt. A mini adventure.”

Kayla then elaborates and says that most people only take pictures when they’re at fancy restaurants or at tourist spots. However, looking for a parking spot together is a moment that we always overlook along with other mundane moments such as doing laundry or buying groceries.

“It seems so meaningless, but it is what that built the foundation of a relationship.”

She then says that she finds it nice that they still take care and help each other after a long day at work. Or how they each want to know about how each other’s day went even if it’s the same every day.

“I think it’s beautiful, to simply be by your side, looking for parking spots together for the past year. To more years of ‘parking tiang’ selfies together!”

Brb, we’re crying puddles!


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