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Malaysian Drives Over Water During Heavy Rain, Vehicle Ends Up Upside Down



Malaysian Driver Unfortunately Drove Over Water And End Up In Terrible Crash - World Of Buzz

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Speed limits are imposed for a very simple but important reason – safety. Laws and rules are usually for our own good, so it is best that we abide by them at all times. Especially during the recent rainy weather whereby the roads are just so difficult to look at!

A particular Honda City driver was just unlucky enough to go through a massive body of water while at a bend. Unfortunately, his ‘adventure’ ended up in a terrible car crash!

Several videos of this driver’s misfortune went viral on social media.

Source: CT Koay

One of the dashcam videos showed the silver Honda overtaking several cars from the right lane. But the car had hit a massive body of still water and ended up losing control.

The car swerved to the middle lane where an Avanza on that lane had almost knocked into the side of the car.

But, luckily for the Avanza and unfortunately for the speeding car, it flipped and turtled.

Source: You Park & Drive Like A Noob

The shocking accident left netizens shaking their heads at such a mishap. Many netizens slammed the Honda City driver for ‘speeding’ and driving recklessly.

But many of them understood that it was merely an unfortunate accident and not due to his carelessness.

One wise commenter wrote,

“He wasn’t going all that fast. He hit a large area of stagnant water at the bend and he aquaplaned and lost control.

“Honda City is a light car. Could have happened to anybody. That’s why we need cars equipped with Electronic Stability Control and of course good tyres.”

But the questionable part was where NONE of the cars caught in the video had bothered to help the guy at all. Only two motorcyclists had actually got off their bikes to check on the poor dude.

This then lead to a massive debate online on the behaviour of those drivers. Many criticised them for being heartless by just leaving the scene like that.

“Wah! They just left like that? At least stop at the side and call someone for help lah? Selfish and inhumane.”

Meanwhile, other netizens defended those drivers by citing that it was a logical action as it was pouring heavily and stopping will only cause traffic congestion.

What would you guys have done in that situation?

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