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Malaysian Driver Shares Infuriating Moment Mat Rempits Cause Problems By Blocking Toll Booth



Malaysian Lady Driver's Dash-cam Caught Mat Rempit Blocking Toll Booth To Use As Starting Line - World Of Buzz 1

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Mat rempits are becoming more ruthless as the day goes by.

Recently, a dash-cam video on a lady’s car captured the lawless behaviour of a group of mat rempits racing on the highway one evening and causing road users a huge inconvenience as they blocked off the toll booth.

The video has since gone viral with many netizens criticising the mat rempits.

Based on the video captured, the lady was just a few hundred metres out from the toll booths when a group of mat rempits came swarming towards the toll booths as well.

The lady headed towards the smart-tag lane but a car before her was stuck at the booth. So the driver had to reverse and proceed to the Touch ‘n Go lane beside.

Then the lady drove forward for her turn but her smart tag wasn’t detected and the barrier gate wouldn’t raise. As such, she was stuck there too, just like the car before her.

At that moment, over 15 mat rempits can be seen stopping right after the booth, in the middle of the lane. Some netizens mention that they were lining up for a race and using the toll booth as the starting line. The dash-cam even recorded them revving their engines and speeding off to race against each other.

The car that switched lane earlier was also seen trapped at the Touch ‘n Go booth because 4 mat rempits were blocking the road. Looks like mat rempits have their own road blocks now.

In her post, the lady even emphasised how you can hear some cars honking the Mat Rempits to move, but they only ignored.

Since the smart tag wasn’t working, the lady had no choice but to reverse and switch to the Touch n’go lane, just like the previous car.

According to her, the system didn’t respond most likely because the mat rempits blocking in front were picked up by the scanner as vehicles. Therefore, to maintain safety distance between cars, the system will not scan any incoming smart tag and the barrier gate wouldn’t raise to prevent accident.

After passing the booth, more mat rempits were seen gathering at the side of the road waiting to take part in the race. And the cars had to cruise around them to give way and avoid crashing into them.

Netizens were furious when the video was uploaded on social media.

“This is only in the evening. You haven’t seen the race at night. Once, I saw a group of them coming towards me against the traffic on the highway. Can you imagine how scary was that?” said a netizen.

“Are the police and JPJ going to do anything about it? The same thing happen every weekend at Sungai Besi toll at night. The mat rempit will line up in front of the toll booths while ignoring and blocking incoming cars,” another netizen commented. 

Many other road users shared their frustration how mat rempits are destroying the perception of other motor cyclists.

The mat rempits are a cancer to our society and authorities should really do something about them before it gets even more out of hand.

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