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Malaysian Exposes FB Store That Claims To Sell ‘Original Sneakers’ From Japan



Source: Facebook

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With the internet and online social platforms getting more powerful each day, many scamming cases are also coming into light.

Recently, a victim of an online scam store, Chuah, shared with WORLD OF BUZZ about his experience. This online store on Facebook claims to be a group of sneaker lovers selling affordable and limited models of sneakers from Japan.

With the seemingly legitimate information as well as photos on the page, you’d probably think that it is an actual online business page at first glance. Even contact numbers and location are visible.

Chuah says that the store is selling fake sneakers at genuine sneaker prices and they will often refuse to ship the item after receiving payment.

Besides, the store will also send fake tracking numbers as well as screenshots to its customers if fake tracking numbers do not work.

The images sent by this online scam business have gone through a photo-detecting software. As a result, the areas highlighted in pink have been doctored or edited.

“I hope we can warn our fellow Malaysians against such immoral and unethical people who profit using scams and lies,” Chuah said.

Apparently, this store has been scamming its customers since years ago. There were discussions on lowyat forum saying that the store was not legitimate and was selling copies of the authentic sneakers.

Another victim, Chong, posted in the Facebook group, Malaysia Online Blacklist – Scam Alert in the year 2017, sharing a similar experience as Chuah, of getting scammed.

The seller did not reply to the follow-up messages and there were no updates on the tracker. “Tracker given was not valid and we ended up chasing again. Finally, shoes were shipped out and the items sent are totally fake,” Chong expressed his anger.

Unethical seller. They cheat and refused to refund. All negative comments from their FB page are deleted. Their thousand likes are bought. Photos are different from original products. Poor material, poor stitching and size never match international standard,” he added.

Malaysians were encouraged to be careful as to not get conned. They were also advised to share the post to save others from being scammed.

We tried to contact the online store several times but we received completely no response.

It is incredibly upsetting that an online business can continue to scam people for such a long period of time. Remember to share this with your friends and families so that they are aware of this. If you happen to come across this store, remember to report it as well.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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