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Malaysian Forgets Valuables on LRT, Kind Foreign Workers Return It and Refused Any Reward



Source: Shoba & Mahbub Hossain @Unsplash

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Losing something valuable is certainly one of the worst feelings ever.

On 30 September, Twitter user Shoba accidentally left her work laptop, phone and IC on the LRT. Luckily enough, she managed to retrieve them and she even posted a thread on the incident as well. Since it is pretty wholesome, the thread managed to get 12,300 likes and 10,000 retweets.

In the thread, Shoba recalled that she was stricken with fear and panic when she realised she had lost her valuables as soon as she reached her office. After her panic attack, she called RapidKL to ask them to check.

However, it amounted to nothing and she had to put on a brave face when she was at work that day. The next day on her way home from work, she got an incoming call from a unknown number. The same number had called her earlier that morning as well but when Shoba called back, the person at the other end did not seem to understand her.

She picked up the call again and this time, a gentleman asked her if her name is Shoba and if she left anything on the LRT yesterday. Overjoyed, Shoba then described her laptop case and its contents. The man then set up a location to meet up and to check if Shoba is the real owner of the valuables (by unlocking the devices). He explained on the phone,

“My friend discovered your belongings in the LRT but he can’t speak the local languages.”

Shoba went to meet them and she found herself face-to-face with some foreign workers. She got her belongings from them and the guy who found her things said,

“I didn’t surrender your laptop to the police as I was scared that they would say that I stole it from someone else.”

He then explained that he took everything with him, approached a trustable friend and asked them to call Shoba for him (Shoba’s name card was in the case).  Shoba said,

“My faith in humanity has been restored by them. I tried to give them a cash reward but they didn’t want it, they just wanted to return the belongings to the owner.”

“There are some truly honest and good people in this city. We should just be kinder to one another.”

This is such a wholesome story, we hope that the foreign workers know how appreciative we are of them! 


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Source: Shoba

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