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Malaysian Girl Forced To Shave Head After Salon Accidentally Destroys Her Hair



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Hair is precious to any female, so imagine suddenly (and very much unexpectedly) being told that your hair needs to be shaved off!

This is exactly what happened to a poor girl known as Mon Wong. The young lady shared her devastating experience of going to the salon, when things turned into a nightmare.

She mentioned how she went to the salon she frequently visits – one which she has gone to for a few years, and was generally very happy with them.

“Some of you might think it’s not a big deal, but that’s only because it didn’t happen to you.

“This post isn’t meant to ruin their business, but as an expression of the terrible experience I had to go through.

“Before Chinese New Year, I went to get my hair done. I told them what I wanted, and they got started.

Image of the look she wanted

“During the bleaching process, there was an issue, causing my hair to be DESTROYED.

“They ruined my hair. The lady boss who knew me suddenly came out to tell me that she didn’t know I was here, and that her workers didn’t know the nature of my hair (presumably fragile) hence destroying it.”

“She tells me that my hair can no longer by ‘used’ anymore, and I would have to shave the whole back part of my head.

“The boss also said that there was no use leaving my ruined hair since it can not be saved anymore. So there’s no other option but to have it shaved.”

“I was so stunned at the time, that I just let them do so.

“After that, the boss told me that the service was free of charge and apologised multiple times, but that will not save my lost hair.”

“Now, I guess I successfully gained a unique hairstyle. When I tie my hair up it looks unique, but when it’s let down, I look like a cancer patient.”

“Anyone care to introduce me some hair growing techniques?”


Malaysians who read her story were shocked at the outcome of her salon trip. Most girls emphatized with her, expressing how it’ll be like ‘the end of the world’ if it were to ever happen to them.

Many netizens were freaked out about the incident that they are going to think twice before getting their hair bleached, while others warned their friends to be careful if they decide to do their.

How would you feel if it happened to you?

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