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Malaysian Girl Sends Dr. Noor Hisham A Friendship Bracelet & His Reply Will Melt Your Heart



Source: TV3 & mStar

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Dr. Noor Hisham, our Health Director-General is one of the most respected people in our country right now!

According to TV3, a little girl named Lara who lives in Kuala Terengganu was very thankful for the great work that he has done. So she decided to do something special for him by making a friendship bracelet! She made a very pretty Loomband bracelet and attached it to a letter.

A part of the letter reads,

“I make Loombands for my friends as a sign of friendship and so, I made you this blue one to thank you for all the work you are doing to help the people of Malaysia to stay safe and healthy during this virus outbreak.

Stay safe,

Your friend Lara.”

That letter was written on 19th March! About a month later, Lara receives a reply from the Health Director-General himself and it says,

“Thank you for the letter and the lovely bracelet. My granddaughter is wearing it and she likes it.

Your words are too kind and I’m not doing it alone. I am lucky to have a great team with me to help our country.”

Being ever so humble, he continues on and says that Malaysians like Lara has been a wonderful help by staying at home. By continuing to do so, we can all fight the virus together. He then assures little Lara that this won’t go on for too long and he hopes that she is not too worried about it.

In a grandfatherly way, he says that he hopes that Lara will continue to study hard and get good grades.

“One day, it will be your turn to help Malaysia. Follow your dreams and work hard for it!

Your new friend, Dr. Hisham.”

This is so sweet and touching that we might be crying right now!

The Health Director-General most definitely deserves the praise that he gets from citizens and international media. All of us Malaysians are definitely very proud of him and his great work fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in our country! 


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Source: TV3

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