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Malaysian Graduate’s Dreams Come True When K-Pop Idol Attends Her Convo



Source: Twitter

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The ultimate dream of K-pop fans all over the world? To meet their idols at least once in their lifetime.

This Malaysian girl had her dreams fulfilled recently when her beloved idol attended her graduation ceremony! Her idol came dressed in a crisp black suit with a rose in his hand, which instantly made her break into a wide smile and set her heart fluttering. How is that even possible?

It all started out as a joke between this netizen, Winnie Choo, and her friends. Before her convocation, her friends had asked her to choose between flowers or stuffed toy bears as a graduation gift. Being a loyal fan to her idol, she jokingly said that she wanted her idol, which was Kim JaeJoong from the boy group, JYJ. 

Source: Soompi

Just when you thought fried chicken, money flowers or even durian bouquets were the top of the game, it looks like there’s a new contender in the scene that is winning hearts out there.

Being the good friends that they are, Choo’s friends kept their promise and presented the handsome idol to her on her graduation day. Although he arrived in the form of a cardboard cut-out standee, it did not stop her exclamation as she could be heard saying “WTF” at the sight of him in a viral video clip.

Watch it here:

Choo was all smiles with the dashing JaeJoong right beside her, with pictures of her hugging and posing with the approximately 180cm-tall cardboard standee.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Look at that wide smile! 

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The lucky fangirl shared her extraordinary experience on Twitter, which garnered the attention of local netizens who are also fans of K-pop. Some netizens expressed their admiration for her having such great friends, and were envious of their friendship.

Source: Twitter

Other netizens took the chance to give their friends a hint on what they want as their graduation gifts in the future, naming their favourite idols in the comments.

Source: Twitter

Apparently, this is not the first time a human-sized cardboard standee has been gifted as a present. Two netizens shared their similar experience in the comment section as well.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, one netizen shared her similar unique birthday experience, where her cake was decorated with numerous pictures of her treasured idol, Choi Siwon of Super Junior. Her friends had a great sense of humour too, as they wrote ‘Happy Birthday Choi Siwon’s’ on her birthday cake. 

Source: Twitter

Choo expressed her gratitude and appreciation towards her group of friends who made her wish come true, and was shocked that her tweet became viral. She thanked everyone who sent her well wishes too.

Friends who are reading this, I don’t mind having a BTS or HIGHLIGHT human standee next year, any member is fine. 😉


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