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Malaysian Hilariously Shows Husbands Struggling to Buy Groceries For Their Wives During MCO



Source: Facebook

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During the Covid-19 Movement Control Order, only one representative per family is allowed to leave the house for supplies.

Which is why in most countries, it’s normal to pick the father/man of the house to be the representative because we all have our stereotypical roles when it comes to household chores and responsibilities, right?

Well, in a lighthearted post, one man, Cheanu Chew took to his Facebook page to give “shopping tips” to men while giving netizens an inside peek into how Malaysian husbands are handling grocery shopping without their wives by their side.

He playfully wrote,

“ATTENTION ALL MEN. If you’re a ‘remote groceries shopper’ like me, don’t forget to fully charge your phone before you execute your mission! Also, get enough sleep the night before so you can stay calm over the phone to minimise disruptions during your operation.”

He also shared on the different ways different men carried out their task of grocery shopping.

“One of these ‘remote shoppers’ got scolded by his wife over the phone when he was on loudspeakers and he quickly turned off loudspeaker mode to continue the operation. The other one was solely texting and snapping photos during the entire operation. We call it a stealth operation. And then there’s another one with a live video call during the entire operation just to make sure everything is clear.”

“On a side note, while the husband was being scolded on loudspeaker about getting the wrong carrots (something to do with different colours from different countries), a lady shopper felt sorry for him and just let him take his time to choose before she took her turn. Mission accomplished for me and I’m ready to retreat! Are you also a ‘remote grocery shopper’? How do you operate your mission, captain?” he ended.

Cheanu’s posting has since garnered over 39,000 shares thanks to his helpful tips for all the household representatives out there. Many wives were tagging their husbands in the post.

“You’re the next victim!” one girlfriend wrote after tagging her boyfriend in the post.

What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comment section. 


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Source: Facebook

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