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Malaysian Lady Rushed To Emergency Ward After Using FAKE Aloe Vera Gel



Malaysian Lady Rushed To Emergency Ward After Using FAKE Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - World Of Buzz 1

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Malaysians all love cheap stuff, even if they are fake things. The cheaper something is, the better! Right…? WRONG!

Sabram Omar shared the story of how a young lady bought a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from an online store.

After applying it on her face, the woman was sent to the emergency ward due to severe allergic reactions. Sabram shared that it is most likely due to the chemicals from the fake soothing gel that the girl bought online.

Source: Sabram Omar 

She is currently recuperating in the Trauma & Emergency Hospital University.

The gruesome pictures of the lady’s skin went viral and netizens are freaking out about Nature Republic’s no.1 product.

“I’m afraid of this product.”

“That’s why…if the product is not advertised on TV and radio, I dare not use them.”

Meanwhile, many others were questioning whether the tub of soothing gel they have at home were original or fake.

So how DO you differentiate between the real ones and the counterfeit ones? Lilly posted a detailed instruction on her blog about how to do so. Here are the signs that you should look out for:

1. The dotted lines on the original plastic packaging is almost twice as wide as fake ones. The original plastic will also have the word ‘Nature Republic’ printed on it.

Source: Lilly

2. There should be a shiny watermark over the sticker and you can feel bumps on them.

Source: Lilly

3. The real gel will have lots of bubbles inside. When the tub is shaken, the original would sound different from the fake one.

Source: Lilly

4. The first three numbers below the bar code should be ‘880’. Otherwise, it wasn’t made in Korea.

Source: Lilly

5. The expiry date should be printed on top of the back sticker with two Korean letters ‘까지‘ after the date.

Source: Lilly

6. When the original gel is applied on the skin, it should be absorbed within 10 minutes and it will feel smooth. The fake one will take longer to absorb and the texture is extremely slimy and sticky.

Source: Lilly

7. The real soothing gel should look clear like water and smell just like Aloe Vera. The counterfeit gel will smell strongly of alcohol.

Source: Lilly


8. The prices of original soothing gels cost about RM30+. Anything sold lower than that price are usually fake.

Saving a few cents or Ringgits is definitely not worth it to put your life at risk like that, especially things you apply to your skin. Else you end up paying a ton more for hospital bills pulak!

You definitely do NOT want to end up in the emergency ward like this poor girl.

Source: Sabram Omar

In the end, it is always best to buy the products from the original outlets instead of those sold online or in shops that are not the official outlets.

Or alternatively grab other legit facial moisturisers from your nearest 7-Eleven. Anything but imitation goods!

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