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Malaysian Lady Shares Infuriating Moment Unethical Driver Stole Her Parking



Malaysian Lady Shares Frustrating Moment Another Car Stole Her Parking - World Of Buzz

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Parking in Malaysia can be a pretty difficult task. Sometimes we end up searching for one bloody parking space for half an hour and to no avail. Worse, occasionally we’ll have to endure unethical drivers who human park or even outright steal your spot.

Facebook user Yumi shared the annoying experience she had to go through when someone took her spot. She wrote,

“This is the first time I’ve met such an uneducated person. They have a kid inside the car, and yet they still behaved like this.

“We were waiting for our parking. We had our signal on to indicate that we were waiting for the spot, yet they still wanted to steal our parking space.

“Anyone knows the people from this vehicle? Please tell them to have some courtesy. If they are uneducated then please go back to school, if they have no brain then please go see a doctor to have one inserted.”

In the video, another car can be seen waiting beside the OP’s car, eager to get in the spot once it was available. It’s unclear if the OP confronted the Myvi driver.

Her post which highlights the driver’s absurd behaviour went viral. Netizens went to the comment section to express their annoyance at the situation.

“It’s okay. Let that person park. After he’s gone, let him get new 6 glass pieces and 4 tyres.” a user commented.

“When you meet these kind of people, get down the car and let them know that you were there first. If they still insist to park, just break their car windows after they leave.” another wrote.

Anyway, stealing parking spaces are not cool guys. Be a considerate driver, do the right thing!

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