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Malaysian Man Disgustingly Created Fake Bank Receipt Just to Scam OWN Friends!



Malaysian Man Disgustingly Created Fake Bank Receipt Just to Scam Own Friends! - World Of Buzz 1

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Being scammed or cheated on sucks. But it will never compare to the moment when a friend does that to us.

One such victim was Rachel Tan whose very own friend borrowed RM130 from her and later on tried to scam her too! Worse, he was actually  her childhood friend!

In her Facebook post which she shared to us, Rachel wrote about her friend named Leong and how he went to great lengths just to con her of her money. She said,

“It’s not a big amount but I rather donate it to charity then give it to you.”

Source: Rachel Tan

Rachel also told WORLD OF BUZZ that it was initially just RM50 but he later requested for more.

“Later, he asked for another RM80 which I agreed to. And then another RM100 but I refused this time.

If that wasn’t enough, Leong created a big lie and fake receipt just to trick her into giving him more money. What kind of friend is this???

“He then sent me a receipt of RM310 being transferred to my account and ask me to refund the RM180 which he ‘accidentally’ banked in to my account.”

Source: Rachel Tan

Aside from asking for money, this ‘man’ even had to balls to call a normal conversation ‘talking crap’. Well, for a gold digger like him his motto would be ‘no money, no talk’ right?

Source: Rachel Tan

Obviously, something very fishy was going on here and Rachel who felt the ‘dodginess’ didn’t fall for this dirty trick.

“I suspected that the receipt is fake and insisted on waiting until the money came into my account. Then only I would transfer.

“I was right! He created a fake transaction receipt because when I saw it, I knew the Public Bank receipt didn’t look like that.”

Source: Rachel Tan

“He blocked me on Facebook after I messaged him a few more times.”

Angered by how he had the nerve to do such a thing, Rachel posted her story onto Facebook. To her surprise, she wasn’t the only person Leong had scammed!

Ember Wong also fell victim to Leong’s dirty trick and shared her frustrating story.

She wrote,

“Disappointed with this guy. We were old friends, it’s been a long time since we met but connected again through Facebook.

“He borrowed money from me a few times and I lent it to him because i felt sorry for him. I also trusted him and the amount was not big. He did pay back me for the first 2 times.”

Source: Ember Wong

Leong tried to ask for money from Ember again for the third time but she couldn’t pass him money at that time as she was overseas.

But after that Leong tried asking for money once more.

“The forth time and the last time, he asked for money again saying he crashed his company car and he needs the money urgently to repair it.

“He said he will pay me back after he get the salary. I borrowed him.”

Source: Ember Wong

“After about 10 days I private messaged him in Facebook asking him about the money.

“I waited for a few days for his reply but he didn’t reply. I felt curious last night and I tried to view his Facebook account and I found out he blocked me. He even blocked me in Whatsapp!

“I was so disappointed in him. I messaged him by normal SMS asking ‘you blocked me just because of rm185?’

“This morning I got a call from his number and I was shocked. The number did not belong to him!

“The new owner is someone else and the new owner said he just started using this number 1 month ago.”

What a terrible trash person! It is a wonder how some people would stoop so low for money. A liar and a cheater like him is no different from a thief.

Just remember to be wary of friends who constantly ask to borrow money from you all, ok!

I mean, seriousy? This person just destroyed his friendships over meager money!

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