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Malaysian Man Furiously Breaks His Samsung Because He Had To Wait 2-3 Days For Exchange



Angry Malaysian Man Slams Samsung Smartphone After Failed To Claim Warranty - World Of Buzz

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‘Chill’ is not something everyone possesses.

Recently, a man bought a Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone but unfortunately, it couldn’t be turned on after just 1 week. At least it didn’t explode right?

Like any consumer would do, he went back to the shop to claim for the warranty. However, when he was told to leave his smartphone at the shop for 2 to 3 days for inspection, the man got mad and started recording himself dissing the brand whilst walking out from the shop.

He furiously asked why he had to wait for 2-3 days, while one other phone brand could’ve exchanged for him on the spot!

In the 59-second video, he was heard speaking in Cantonese:

“Can you see this? This is a Samsung store. It (smartphone) malfunctioned after just 1 week, and they said I can’t claim warranty for this. Screw you Samsung!”

While standing outside the Samsung store, the enraged man repeated ‘Samsung’ 3 times in increasing volume with his anger built up in him. He then slammed the Galaxy J3 on the ground. Maybe that’s how he dropped the bass…

Once wasn’t enough to defuse his anger. So he picked it up and slammed it multiple times while the Samsung store worker watched.

While hulk-smashing the phone, he was heard shouting:

“Samsung ah! Samsung ah! I’ve only used it for 1 week, and now that it can’t be switched on, you guys don’t allow me to claim (for warranty). Screw you!”

The brute force has shattered the screen while the battery had detached from the body.

After slamming the J3, or what’s left of it on the floor for the last time, he whipped out his Iphone and said:

“It’s okay, look at this Iphone. The body was bent last time and I still managed to exchange for a new one.”

Netizens were ridiculed by the man poor temper management and criticised him for behaving irrationally.

“Warranty doesn’t work like that. Under the warranty policy, the company is willing to fix the phone for you, not changing a new one for you,” a netizen said.

“What? Just because you needed to wait for 2-3 days but demand it to be immediate instead? Plus, breaking the phone won’t solve the problem, you’re just wasting your money,” another netizen commented.

Admittedly, claiming for warranty can be a nightmare at times but slamming the phone in front of the shop is just plain creating drama. 

Watch the video below:

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