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Malaysian Man Tries to Shame Beer Promoter on Facebook, Gets Backlash Instead



Innocent Beer Promoter Gets Shamed And Flipped Off For Doing Her Job in Giant Hypermarket - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Facebook

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This poor girl is just doing her job! 

Just hours ago, a Carlsberg promoter was humiliated and shown the middle finger by a man at a Giant hypermarket just because she was doing her job. The man even filmed himself shaming the promoter and uploaded it on his Facebook account. For some reason, he omitted the part where he showed his middle finger and uploaded a shorter version.

Source: Facebook

In the 47-second video, the man approached the promoter and asked her what she was holding. The girl politely answered that it was beer. The man then asked what her race was and accused her of offering the alcoholic beverage to everyone in the hypermarket. Responding to his wild accusation, the girl smiled and said,

“No, I choose non-Muslims only (to let them try the beverage).”

Here’s the full video:

He thought Malaysians would support him but he was terribly wrong as netizens regardless of their religion began flaming him because he ‘cari pasal’ (was finding fault) with the young girl who was just doing her job and making an honest living.

“She didn’t offer you the beer. So why are you so ‘triggered’? You as a Muslim should know better not to enter the non-halal section,” a Muslim netizen commented.

“The girl was promoting within the non-halal section and she obviously chose her customers carefully. Also, what were you doing in the non-halal section?” another netizen said.

Many netizens also pointed out how calm the promoter was during the confrontation as she didn’t make a scene out of it. Good job, girl! 

This kind of mentality and attitude is certainly what Malaysia can do without. What’s your opinion on this issue? Let us know in the comments! 


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