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Malaysian Reminds Everyone To Wear Jacket The Right Way After His Got Caught In The Back Tyre



Source: Twitter

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This man just came face-to-face with an accident that could’ve gone horribly bad, and we’re relieved to hear that he is okay.

But, his story serves as a reminder for all of us to be extra careful while we are on the road and it’s good to be aware too. We’ve reached out to Hafiz to know more about this harrowing experience.

Yesterday (7 May), while Hafiz was on his way from Citta Mall to Sunway Pyramid on his motorcycle, he’s nearly met with a very dangerous accident. Hafiz took to his Twitter to show what had actually happened.

He posted a series of images on his Twitter and quite frankly we’re glad that he is okay. In the images, it can be seen that his jacket was caught in his motorcycle’s tyre and was torn to shreds!

Hafiz told WORLD OF BUZZ that things could’ve easily gone wrong yesterday because behind him there was a lorry. After the jacket got stuck in the back tyre of his motorcycle, he immediately put an emergency break and stopped at the side of the road.

When asked if he received any injuries, thankfully he escaped unscathed but Hafiz explained that he is traumatised. The jacket Hafiz was wearing, it was worn from the front and he is still confused on how it ended up being caught in his tyre.

“I don’t even know how the jacket could get stuck in the tyre, I wasn’t even riding fast at that time. If I was fast, I don’t even know if I would’ve been alive,” Hafiz said.

Folks, life sometimes can be unpredictable. So please always keep an eye out and be careful whenever you are on the road.

Hafiz advised all motorcyclists to wear their jacket in a proper way as motorcyclists would usually zip the jacket up and this would be much safer. He adds to avoid wearing it like how he did, as it may be life-threatening.

Thank goodness Hafiz is fine and he got out of this without any serious injury. Echoing Hafiz’s wishes, we hope everyone who is reading this learns a thing or two from Hafiz’s story.

Please stay safe and be responsible on the road.

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