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Malaysian Restaurant Charges 30 Sen Just For ‘Ikat Tepi’, Netizens Outraged



R&R Restaurant Charges Malaysian Consumer 30cents Just For 'Ikat Tepi', Here's Why - World Of Buzz
Source: Twitter & Facebook

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‘Ikat tepi’ is a very iconic Malaysian term for when a vendor uses a nylon string to tie the side of a plastic bag filled with an iced drink so that we can enjoy our ‘teh ais’  while on the go and hang it up when we’re done.

This useful feature is usually done for free. However, that wasn’t the case for this poor guy!

Source: Twitter

Recently, a Malaysian customer was charged RM3.50 when he ordered an ‘air limau asam boi’ (iced lime drink with preserved plum) at a restaurant in an R&R station. When he received the receipt, the customer was stunned because he was charged additional 30 sen just for the ikat tepi feature.

 The receipt was uploaded on a Facebook page and it caught a lot of online attention.

Source: Facebook

Many netizens were shocked as it’s ridiculous to charge 30 sen for just a piece of string. “What kind of string did the vendor use? Fishing line is it?” one netizen commented.

However, a few other netizens reckoned that ‘ikat tepi’ simply meant that the beverage is served in larger volume in a plastic bag and placed in a bowl, like the picture below. Apparently this is the latest trend in many mamak stalls. Really, ah?

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Facebook

Just when netizens were busy debating the rationale behind the overcharge, a video was uploaded to Facebook to clear the air on the matter.

The woman introduced herself as Anita, from ‘Grab&Go Station’ in R&R Awan Besar. She explained and even demonstrated to netizens that the volume in take-away drinks are bigger than the dine-in ones. So, it’s totally justifiable for the vendor to charge an additional 30 sen.

Source: Facebook

Some netizens supported her explanation. “This is a misunderstanding. The 30 sen stemmed from the volume of the drink, not because of the plastic bag and nylon string. This has been going on in mamak stalls for years,” one netizen said.

Another netizen however dismissed the above statement, saying, “I myself am a stall operator, but I never charge my customer extra for ‘ikat tepi’, and I’m still making money.”

UPDATE: The Star has just reported that shop has been fined by Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) for not displaying its takeaway charges. 

Honestly, this debate could go on forever, as both sides have valid points. What are your thoughts on this, guys?


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