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Malaysian Reveals the Heartbreaking Struggle of Delivery Riders During This Fasting Season



Source: Facebook

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Food delivery services have reported a major spike in orders entering the month of Ramadan from those looking to break fast with a good meal surrounded by family and friends. Though behind it all, are a group of unsung heroes who always ensure you get your food on time.

Source: Sethlui

Food delivery riders consist of mostly Muslim guys who ride through rain or shine to bring you packs of happiness in the form of food. Though we’ve seen customers who appreciate the efforts of these riders, many are still in the dark about their struggles especially going into the fasting month.

A Facebook posting by Teik Sin Teoh have since gained traction online, about a food delivery rider who had to quickly spare just a few minutes to break his fast in a dark corner outside a Tesco so he could resume work.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Teik wrote,

“As humans, we strive to survive in this world and it’s not easy. For many, they happily berbuka puasa with their family members while having scrumptious feasts. However, there are also others who have to eat alone in a corner, without a comfortable place to eat. And after they’re done, they have to rush off to continue trying to survive.”

He continues the post, as if telling the hard worker in the photo,

“You may not be the most successful person, but as long you’re hardworking, I believe you’re able to obtain anything you want in the future. I wish you luck, eventhough I don’t know who you are. But the hardwork you’ve displayed here… I truly admire. Good luck!”

Many who have read Teik’s post expressed their gratitude towards delivery riders through the comments section, one particular comment pointing out that they choose to put aside comfort so that those who are awaiting their meals don’t have to do so.

Source: Facebook

The posting have since been shared over 1,400 times and was even picked up by a Malay netizen who shared it with his fellow buddies on Facebook which later garnered over 4.8k shares!

Mag Malaya Ahmad wrote,

“This post is going viral among the Malaysian Chinese community. It’s about a Muslim who’s taking time off work to berbuka puasa. He didn’t even take more than 10 minutes to finish his meal, had no time to remove his motorcycle helmet, then continued his journey to rush the food to the customers.”

Food delivery riders definitely deserve better for their efforts. So next time you order your food, don’t forget to tip them!


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