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Malaysian Shares What Food You Should Order On Your IKEA Date



Source: Twitter/Sitijamil92

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Often clueless of what to eat during your date in IKEA? Yep, apparently IKEA is slowly transforming into a food paradise instead of a furniture retail company.

On 20 September, our fellow Malaysian, Siti, shared a Twitter thread on what food to order during your IKEA date.

The first step is of course to make sure you have a big appetite, take a trolley and start queueing up. Take the trays and cups.

The reminder here is that the price depends on the number of cups that you take. Since the beverages are refillable, share with your friend/family/partner if you do not mind.

The first three food heavily recommended by Siti are Honey Soy Beef, Peri-peri Chicken and the iconic Swedish meatballs.

According to her, Honey Soy Beef is very tasty and worth the price. Peri-peri Chicken tastes like Nando’s sauce and the meatballs taste better if you eat with both mashed potatoes and jam together.

Chicken spring rolls, Raspberry cake and Mushroom soup with garlic bread are also some of her favourites. Not only are they delicious, but also worth every penny.

If you are wondering what is the must-try dish in IKEA according to Siti, it is the Honey Garlic Chicken Wing. “SEDAPPP !!! The proof is you will order again and bring it back home,” she stated.

As for beverages, the IKEA Kullamust Apple and Raspberry Juice taste pretty okay as well.

Last but not least, it’s ice cream time for you dessert lovers. Selling in the IKEA Cafe (different from the IKEA restaurant), The Soya Ice Cream, as well as the Yogurt Ice Cream, are both delectable, but the Soya Ice Cream tastes slightly oily for her liking.

There are also curry puffs for sale in the same section. Cinnamon buns and chocolate bars are available if you are looking for more sweet treats.

Besides, Siti also attached pictures and names of some furniture pieces and accessories that she thinks are worth buying under the thread.

Siti’s Twitter thread received massive support from other Malaysians. Many other Twitter users are sharing their personal favourite IKEA dish that was not mentioned by Siti.

Some users also provided additional information. For instance, if you are keen to try different food at once but with a small appetite, you can order in kids portion to save money and prevent the food from getting wasted.

Siti’s Twitter thread has received 35k likes and 23k retweets at the time of writing. Thank you, Siti for sharing such useful information for those who have not been to IKEA or have no idea what food to order.

Now you know what to order on your next IKEA date!


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