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Malaysian Son Pleads Hit-And-Run Driver To Come Forward To Apologise After Killing Dad



Malaysian Son Pleads Hit-And-Run Driver Come Forward To Apologise As Family Desperately Needs Closure - World Of Buzz 2

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On January 26, a 76-year-old man who cycles trishaw for a living was knocked down by 2 cars in a hit-and-run accident at Jalan Parameswara.

Worse, the heartbreaking incident happened just 2 days before Chinese New Year.

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Source: Sinchew

A family member, presumably the son of the victim, Cheng posted to Low Yat forum to plea for help from Malaysians, hoping that the responsible party will come forward and provide an explanation as his family desperately needed a closure.

“On Thursday morning, my father was hit by 2 cars while pushing his bicycle across the road. After asking some aunties and eye-witnesses, I got to know that the first car hit my father and he fell on the road. Before he got the time to get up, another car immediately hit him and he (father) was dragged for 20 metres under the front of the car.”

Instead of sending the victim to the hospital, the first car quickly sped away while the second car reversed and fled the scene as well, said the man.

“After the police reached the crime scene, the ambulance sent my father’s body to mortuary. I got to know from the inspector that the second car’s driver fled the scene because he’s worried that the public might beat him up. The inspector said the driver was a young guy in his early 20’s and he had went to make a police report with his father.”

According to Cheng, the police will conduct an inquest on the second car driver and take his statement, but they will not charge him.

“I requested the contact of the driver from the inspector because we wanted to ask him to attend the funeral and give us a proper apology. But the inspector said he cannot reveal the driver’s identity. However, he can help to pass the message to him. Whether he shows up or not, it’s solely up to him.”

It was difficult to catch the culprit as there were no CCTVs on that stretch of road.

“I’ve tried asking for the witnesses to make police report but they refused to do so because it was Chinese New Year and some Chinese are ‘pantang’ about these things. I completely understand and didn’t force them to do so.” 

According to the witnesses, apparently the 2 cars looked like they were racing against each other in the residential area.

“They drove at high speed to overtake several cars in front. One aunty got frightened saying that she saw them approaching her car from behind at high speed and overtook her.”

Cheng admitted how handling his father’s funeral and following up with the case has taken a toll on him.

“I’m physically and mentally worn out but I’m more worried about my mum. She ‘tahan’ until yesterday night only she cried her heart out saying that my father left just like that – without leaving any message or last words.”

“I need proper closure for my father’s death to ease my mother’s suffering.”

Cheng posted this to seek for advice on how he should proceed with the case as the inspector said that it usually will take up 6 to 7 months to solve.

Guys, if you have any information regarding the accident, please step forward so that the family can have a closure. The team at World Of Buzz extends our condolences to Cheng’s family.

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