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Malaysian Stuck Behind Bars for 8 Months in Dubai For ‘Making Too Much Money’



M'sian Businessman Detained in Dubai After Being Accused of 'Making Too Much Money' - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: MMO

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Is it illegal to make too much money? Well, for this particular Malaysian, it seems to be the reason he’s now in jail.

Richard Lau, a Malaysian businessman who’s currently in Dubai, has been wildly accused by a business partner of stealing wages and commissions, according to MMO.

As such, he was detained by the police and has been spending the last eight months behind bars pending investigations.

Source: MMO

“These few months have been an absolute nightmare for us; we feel threatened and unsure about our son’s safety and future,” Lau’s father said.

“I don’t understand how UAE can just arrest my son without a warrant based on mere complaint by a local and then detain him for months without a charge while they take their time with investigations,” he added. 

In April, eight people including Lau, were accused by a local called Walid Jumaa Abu Shabas. He accused them of siphoning funds out from a Malaysian marine transport company, Shin Yang, after a huge sum of money was paid to the eight people.

FYI, Shin Yang is a Sarawak-based conglomerate that specialises in timber, ship building, and many other fields.

Source: Borneo Post

However, a United Arab Emirates civil rights group called Detained in Dubai later clarified that Lau was instructed by Shin Yang’s executive director, Kenny Ling to carry out extra work, and that the payment was actually his salary and commissions for taking up the tasks.

“It appears that Abu Shabas was unaware of this agreement and has misconstrued Lau’s earned salary and commissions as embezzlement. Lau has done nothing wrong except get paid for his work,” the group said in a statement. 

Apparently in many parts of UAE, an outsider can be easily detained over simple accusations made by a local, which is funny, because all the seven co-accused have been released, except Lau. Double standard much?

Source: World Atlas

“We have seen this before in the UAE where prosecutors endlessly renew temporary detention on the pretext of investigation. The law allows indefinite detention for crimes relating to national security, but Richard’s case is a financial dispute in which there was no illegal activity,” the statement said. 

From the looks of it, this is certainly a misunderstanding and we hope the authorities can get to the bottom of this case asap because it is unfair for Lau to be held in detention without being charged for so long. Stay strong, Lau! 


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